VIBREX ® – Scrapers for belt conveyors

These are perfect elements to keep the belt clean. Single, elastic, durable blades of the scraper are flexible and pressed to the conveyor belt. At high efficiencies and extreme dirtying of the belts, the best effect is given by combination of front and main scraper in the VIBREX® DUAL system.

At reverse and highly loaded belts in small rooms, vertical springs are applied at header scrapers. Polyurethane brushes, plough scrapers and many types of panel scrapers ensure high reliability of the VIBREX® system that is protected with many patents.

Variety of scraper types allow for their optimal selection for each type of the medium and transporter. Carefully developed instruction manuals allow for reliable and quick assembly, and easy maintenance of equipment.

VIBREX® scrapers are effective and cheap, and can constitute an important component of the existing transport systems.

They are supplied for belt conveyors with belt width of up to 2000 mm.

Photos of service are shown in the gallery.